Panamax ship Welcome.


Open House and Question & Answer session

Bella Coola Public Meeting at Bella Coola Valley Inn.
1900 hours September 7, 1999

No Cents Rezoning for Water Bottling, Quarry, and Port
Tom Roux, Kerry Leong
Dick Robinson, Roy van Ryswyck, Geologist
Steve Dimond, minute taker
Approx. 50 attendees by 1900 hrs at the time of opening.
Tom Roux introduced meeting. Asked attendees to read the handout sheet which
Provided the back ground to the project.
Tom Roux went through the information which was placed on the walls.
Wall photos and plans at meeting Sept 1999
Asked people to have a look at the information posted on the walls. Indicated that meeting would be reconvened in 15 minutes after people familiarized themselves with the pictures, plans and information.
Additional people show up approx. 80 by 7:30. Estimate up to 100 through the evening.
Meeting reconvened at 7:35
Kerry Leong reintroduces and opens up for questions.
Ask that people identify themselves with the question and requested that guest book be signed.
Meeting Room discussions and reviews
Questions and Answers (in brief)
Penny Fegan (sp), who lives in Valley, asked Tom Roux "would he guarantee to comply with environmental standards". If No Cents would consent to public monitoring . And if monitoring was available and would project stop if problems arose.
Tom Roux responded. That standards are set at the provincial government level and there are a number of requirements. Monitoring will occur and careful scrutiny will result. In terms of the Estuary anticipate very little impact due to the distance and anticipate that monitoring will occur. Company MUST comply with ministry standards fully. Studies indicate there will not be a significant impact on the surrounding area.
Breyer Manuel (sp) Q. Newspaper indicated 1M tonnes per year. Permit says 250,000 tonnes per year. Since 1M tonnes is projected will the Environmental Assessment Act govern?
Kerry Leong . Yes. Project will go before the Environmental Assessment Office in Victoria. Not sure of exact policy and the process for the environmental assessment but will be contacting the Ministry of Energy and Mines. Question perhaps should be directed to Env. Assess. Office. Kerry Leong confirmed
Anna Fryer. Lives in Bella Coola "Are you aware that there is baby coho in the Waterfall. Have you checked the fisheries?" Tom Roux noted that the take is 2% of annual flow. When the stream goes dry, the fish will perish. But in terms of the stream being a spawning stream, it was not indicated as such by Fisheries or Environment Ministries.
Question related to the stream and would the path be altered if there is quarrying above.
Tom Roux spoke to the subject not anticipated to move the stream. There will be access from behind the quarry for wildlife to pass. Anna has concern that water may be lost. The report indicates that the stream must be flowing a minimum amount in order to bottle.
Do you have a water licence. No
Will you float the company on the stock exchange. Not addressed at this time.
Question on the cost of the project.
$15 to 20 Million. Construction jobs. Full time jobs.
In the companies best interest to hire locally. Training would be available. Costs to bring in people with hotels, etc is expensive.
What is the positive effect for the community.
What is the unemployment rate in the valley? 85% Dissension against speaker
Reinhard Maag. in valley for 12 years. Read the info in the paper. Would be grateful if the project timing could be expanded upon.
The project duration would be 10 years plus. Need a certain tonnage to capitalize the works. Hopefully beyond that. 1 ship every 3.5 weeks. Not tremendously utilized infrastructure based on 3-4 days in port. Other ventures welcome.
What is the demand for gravel products?
Kerry Leong remarked that the target market in Central California with marine access is economical for this project. This project will be the first marine pit with capability to load panamax ships in BC. Other marine pits within the Straight of Georgia primarily serve Tacoma, Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria with barges. Markets of further distances are more suited to large sea going vessels such as this proposal.
Jessie from Nuxalk Nation.
Has statements. Grandmother indicates the name of the mountain is
Noahs Ark (sp?) Whole mountain has history. Nuxalk people have never signed treaties. This is unseeded territory. "Outraged. You have not right to do what you are doing." Tom Roux thanked him for speaking. Letter from hereditary Chief provided to Tom. With this process, you are consulting the people.
Open House at Valley Inn
Graham Wells. What is the status of the land for zoning.
Currently zoned R1. Tom Roux Pointed out the legal map and noted that Clayton Falls is within industrial zoning. Balance is R 1. Application has been made on the properties to rezone to Industrial 1. Allows bottling, storage, and crushing.
Penny Fegan. Question on process.
Tom Roux indicated that the Regional District requested No Cents conduct a public information meeting. Penny Fegan is happy that they are allowing public monitoring.
Archie Pootlass, elected chief of Nuxalk Nation asked for clarification on public process. Tom Roux indicated the project did not receive the support of the Nuxalk Nation council. Archie Pootlass said the information was limited in terms of the project.
Tom Roux suggested that the benefits are obvious. Money from the jobs created will help the community.
Archie Pootlass says 85% unemployment rate in Nuxalk Nation. That is the reason that Archie would like to see the proforma so they may determine the impacts. Tom Roux indicated that there will be no discrimination in workers. Archie stated that the Nuxalk need a stronger commitment for direct benefits. "I need to see some guarantee".
Tom Roux said that local employment will be a primary concern.
Archie Pootlass asked further about water supplies. Dick Robinson noted that On crown land there is a requirement, but not on fee simple. Archie wanted to know that the community will experience economic benefits and that the community be involved in the planning of the project.
Janet Wainborn.(sp?) Independent biologist. Most people in the valley receive something from the fisheries industry. Initial foreshore assessment may have shown herring will be affected. Also noted that the report suggested that a site around the corner would be better?
Tom Roux indicated there is a no net loss policy for fisheries. He talked about the original proposed structure which has been changed to what is present today, thereby reducing environmental impact and creating marine habitat. Janet asked to be referred to study regarding habitat and 750 feet ships. The report had some recommendations that may deal with some of the questions. Janet Wainborn asked how mitigation of impacts of large vessels will be done? How can the company choose work windows to address the mitigation of problems with fisheries? Kerry Leong noted that an application is reviewed with the Navigable Waters Protection Act (R.S.C. 1985, c. N-22). The Coast Guard must be consulted as does the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks. Preferred fisheries windows will be identified at that time. "Fair to say that we are looking for a general feel for the project in the valley. Hoping to address the complaints."
Terry Corbould (sp) indicated that this was a public information meeting. All questions will be asked by ministries on the various issues.
Teacher, Susan O'Neil. 22 year resident. Has concerns for fish. Hiring practices what kind of employment and expertise will be created. What kind of expertise. Equipment Operators? Shipping people to run equipment? All conveyor or a lot of trucking? Kerry Leong noted that 15 owner operators required. Processing equipment is computerized. Would expect that there will be a requirement to train.
Trucking ? on the road ?
Kevin Oneil. How many trucks are going to haul crushed rock per day ?
Kerry Leong . Initially some development work. Then, need 2000 metric tonnes per hour. Every 3 weeks need 4 days, 24 hours per day. Like to think that there are trucks in the valley to support this. Kevin Oneil has concerns with the traffic on the road. There have been trucks loaded along the road for a long time.
Pat Manedy (sp) Had a list of questions. "There hasn't been any consultation. Clear that there has not been any environmental assessment reports." No specific question. Concern about environment.
Keith Corbould. "There are no guarantees in life. This community needs a few paycheks. This development can be done and done properly. Will be watched closely. 150 jobs is a big factor for those who invest in the valley with more than their mouths welcome."
Gentleman : What are the plans for rehabilitation for the mine ?
Granite slides across the valley what is the difference ?
Tom Roux must reclaim the land. Start at the top of the quarry and work down to minimize visual impact. Viewing problems will be minimized by revegetation. The best tree species would be used in the reclamation project.
Roy van Ryswyck: First .Quarrying granite rock, not mineral rock as in Sudbury or other base metal mines. Therefor reclamation is easier. There is no effluent in this mining process. In essence, design a slope that is more stable for the land in the reclamation process. As the slope comes down, there are other options for the lower portion of the quarry. Why this location ? Other benefits include potential parking for the ferry. Parking for the port facility and marina. There are other benefits from the end run complete quarry.
Archie Pootlass noted the letter received earlier from a Nuxalk member was from an individual and was not from the band in any official matter. There are a couple of monuments. Memorial monuments in the location. Position of the chief and council is that "Nothing will be built there". Won't tolerate industry which does not consult and help the bands.
Reinhard (sp?). Understands the difference between crown and fee simple. Suggested that important to work with the band. There are archaeologists in the valley which may assist in summarizing the existing situation in the valley. Need to take home the idea that there is historical and spiritual value to the area. One can merge interests hopefully. The meeting appears to be fairly indicative of the valley.
Vas (sp?). 40 year resident. Where will royalties be paid. Need a community centre.
Tom Province sets and collects water rates.
One concern. Noise. Can a test be done to show what the noise will be.
Ron Durickson (sp ?) Jake break, 3am etc .. has concern.
Roy Van Ryswyck spoke to db levels and noise testing and reduction. You can hear below 25db, so you will be able to hear something. Very few parts of the community have no trees which will baffle the sound. Boat in the sound will be the place where noise will be greatest. Echo from the blast will come from mountain across valley.
Andrew Lexan (sp) newcomer to the valley. Question on wages what could people anticipate. Kerry Leong Quarry and production wages about $20 per hour. Try to keep jobs as full time as possible. Possible 2 month shut down due to weather conditions.
Anticipate a 10 month work season. Anticipate 5 days per week. Andrew how much is the investment. Port facility excl. processing = $15 to $20 M.
Greg Higgs 4 years locally. Hypothetically, if opposition and Nuxalk band opposition, elected council is opposed.would you proceed. Tom Roux cant answer that philosophical questions
Which is more important ? Water or quarry ? Water is renewable. Blasting is destroying the site. Kerry Leong . Both components are important. Other boats would be able to use the facility.
Kerry Leong noted there is a human side to the environment. Humans have needs. Some commonality and compromise is necessary.
Woman asked again for answer to Greg Higgs question. Tom Roux again indicated that he could not address native issues.
District director, Graham Wells When the decision is made in the future, it is the responsibility of the 5 directors under the governance of the municipal act.
Choice of going straight to public hearing formal. Process. Or request that the proponent hold a public information meeting. Public Hearing will be held on this project. Notices in 2 issues of paper will be required. Approx. 60 days of overall notice will be required.
Wayne (sp?). Manufactures herbal wines. Suggested district was using the governance structure of a municipality . Regional district uses the municipal act.. confusion with member of audience and type of governance.
Don Graham . Person reads from report regarding the water licence states that First nation claims need to handled. Water Licence .. currently sits with Minister of Aboriginal Affairs. Nuxalk deals Federally and Provincially. Concern regarding the watershed and the quarry.
Greg Higgs . Ballast water. Pollution is a problem from discharge of ballast water. Local paper . Little information on the estuary. Really know nothing about the estuary.
Kerry Leong .. The estuary was a log sort and booming area in the past and has since evolved to what exists today.
Gypsy moth was a problem in Vancouver.
Don Graham speaks at length "laws don't cover what is in peoples dreams"
Question what is the difference between this and a crusher that was in valley last week? Same.
Roy Van Ryswyck: under obligation that the projects are developed in a sustainable way. APEGBC looks for best and sustainable manner. Resources in the valley include environmental monitoring people.
Shawn. Here for several years. Question regarding how far along is the process ?
Tom Water licence recommended and is sitting in Victoria. Quarry licence is for 250,000 tonnes and exists now. Zoning on part of the site. Current zoning does not allow the port storage facility or crushing on DL 3. Need approvals from Coast Guard, Federal Fisheries, and provincial government for a foreshore lease.
Is the company concerned about the fish.
Extended discussion on deep sea ships.
Meeting closed at 10:10 p.m.