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Source: a circular put out by
the National Aggregates Association...

  • Aggregates production accounts for about half of the non-fuel mining volume in the United States.
  • It is estimated that 85,000 tons of aggregates are necessary to construct one mile of a four lane highway.
  • During the past 50 years, the production of aggregates has more than quadrupled. In addition, consumption has increased from 3.5 tons per capita per year to 8.6 tons annually per capita.
  • The production of crushed stone, sand and gravel in the U.S. went from about 200 million tons in 1940 to approximately 2 billion tons in 1990.
  • The Denver international Airport outside of Denver, Colorado, required 5 million tons of aggregates in its construction. The Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State required 17 million tons.
  • Sand, gravel, and crushed stone reserves of the world are huge. However, because of their geographic distribution and environmental restrictions, their extraction is sometimes not economical.
  • Construction of an average six room house requires 90 tons of aggregates.
  • 15,000 tons of aggregates are required for the construction of an average size school or hospital.
  • Sand, crushed stone, and gravel are used by water and sewer facilities for water purification and in sewage treatment.
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