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Guest Comments - Bella Coola Rock
From the original proposals in the early 2000's, people offered a wealth of suggestions, encouragement, and support. As well, tough questions are asked. Together, we can make an informed decision.
244 signatures were submitted under the following Banner :
As our community changes and grows, we welcome new business people who have already shown success. The professional research, preparation and presentation process of this worthy project, indicates that they will make a definite and successful contribution to the development and growth of our Bella Coola Valley community. There have been individual meetings, public meetings and the establishment of a web site, www.bcrock.com, to not only keep all of us well informed on this new venture, but to allow us to be involved as individuals and as a community, to have the opportunity to express our concerns and ideas.
We the undersigned are prepared and happy to support this new business get established here.

Find a PDF copy of those 244 signatures here (840K bytes)

NOTE: Neither No Cents Holdings ltd. nor Polaris Minerals Corporation are involved in any way with this project.
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Jan 18 2004
George Sato

An intriguing tale of the link btw BC gravel and California lifestyle, read this: http://www.sacbee.com/static/live/news/projects/denial/08172003.html
Sep 18 2003
I find it interesting that the Nuxalt people represent 60% of the Bella Coola population and after visiting their websites http://www.nuxalk.org/html/polaris_profiles.htm and http://www.nuxalk.org/html/rockquarry.html I found out that they are against the project?!?! There are a few of these projects being developed throughout B.C. now and I'm wondering if the communities involved have been communicating with one another as they will be affecting one another in the future!
Jul 29 2003
Your site is very good. I definitely will return again.
Feb 26 2003
Greg Radstaak
Steve: I have been informed recently and unaware to my knowlege is that granite is a "non-renewable" resource. Granite reserves if this goes through granite will be exhausted in 1 000 000 000 000 000 years. How can you possibly go ahead with this fact in mind. From Friends of Granite-Save our granite Take er easy Steve Greg
Dec 4 2002
Darrell Ross
Was wondering why Polaris left project and what Marco Romero's role was if any? Iterested in what role the Tribes is playing as ownership, lease, royalties, employment incentives?
Jul 11 2002
Ted Thomson
interesting project! Is this the same group which is interested in a similar project aroung the Port Alberni area?
Feb 28 2002
Rick Martin
I have left a note previously and was rewarded with a decidedly nasty Email from another visitor to the site. None the less my support for this project remains intact. There is a need for stable employment in this community like never before. Current government cuts will take over one million dollars out of the local economy.This will further errode this community. I sense yet another small coastal community is going under.
Oct 14 2001
Brian Roe
Judging from two years of objective interaction with the individuals who want to create this business in Bella Coola, I have found them to be straightforward, approachable and honest. They have showed a willingnes to listen to and work with any individual or group with concerns, right from the start. The Central Coast has been economically ravaged by government policy and loss of business opportunities. All communities NEED business and jobs to survive and this is a clean and feasible project which could offer our communities years of employment. If you support this project in general terms, SPEAK OUT!
Jun 9 2001
David Hunt
I'm curious to see how much of the profits will go to the Nuxalk Peoples. Or will it be as the logging companys have done, stripped the resources and left, once it had all been depleted.
Jun 8 2001
Joe Mandel
I am uneasy about the speed that this project is taking. I grew up in Bella Coola but now reside in St.Albert,AB. My mother still lives there. I have very fond memories of Bella Coola and had worked in the forestry sector during my years there. I do know that the valley does need that economic gain that such a project will bring but I worry that the valley will be too exploited. It happened with forestry and with fishing. As well, if this project goes through. What is your company willing to give back to the community on a on-going basis? By your website info, it does appear that you are trying to cover all the bases. But don't you feel that you are taking advantage of a community that needs something like this? If this would have happened during the early 90's when the valley was prospering and the need for another company to harvest its resources wasn't needed. Would you have tried to push this through? Joe Mandel St.Albert,AB
Jun 7 2001
Sylvia Bradt
I am from the Bella Coola Valley and have lived here almost all my life. The last thing we need is to have this project go through and watch the rest of our heritage go down the tubes. Lets hear comments from those town that have been robbed of their natural beauty because of company's like you. I bet you don't live in a town where projects like yours have destroyed them. Put some of those towns on your web as well as the comments from the people residing within that town. We have lived through many hardships from company's coming and removing our resources. You come here and show us who benifited from all that garbage. Let us have our hometown stay as it is. This is Nuxalk territory; our hunting grounds, our fishing grounds and our homes. We want to preserve it not destroy it.
Jun 7 2001
Lizabeth Hall
People have desecrated Nuxalk territory for years in the name of economic benefit and gain. The problem is apparent only when you ask: TO whose benefit? Well, guess again Nuxalk peoples, again its not for you! I am guessing that the beautiful space of Bella Coola is quickly going to be something of the past. What a shame! Lizabeth Hall, Nuxalk Nation. Well, its no one that comes from Bella Coola, that's who! Why dig up our back yard?
Jun 7 2001
M. Keynes
I am strongly opposed top this project, along with many other Bella Coola people. Bella Coola is a beautiful place and it should remain that way. Jobs are temporary; environmental destruction is not.
Mar 15 2001
Catherine Carter
I am very worried about the environmental and social impact that these projects will have on the Bella Coola Valley. This all moving far too fast. We need much more education and clear information from the investors. Before making a wise decision the community needs unbiased opinions and an open discussion about the concerns as well as the benefits.
Feb 27 2001
Robert Tritschler
I am the Watershed Stewardship Coordinator and wish to be kept abreast of your successes and problems that arise. Please advise if I can be of any assistance.
Feb 13 2001
Joergen Graae jensen
Have been lived in Ocean Falls manny years ago. Have you a phofoto gallery from Bella Bella like this from Bella Cola Joergen
Feb 9 2001
Rick Martin
I have lived in Hagensborg for 20 yrs. And its time to look at new types of economic development. A few locals do not like this proposal they are in minority I assure you. I look forward to the day when the squeaky wheels fall off. R.Martin
Nov 30 2000
Fred Dimond
Looks like a sophisticated web Page Steve Good luck with the project Love Dad
Oct 31 2000
Steve Dimond
Thank you for visiting our www site. As a proponent, I encourage visitors to contact us with all comments, concerns, and questions. We welcome all forms of correspondence.